• What are the spare parts for DZL/SZL series coal/biomass fired boiler?

    Generally, the spare parts are instrumentation valve, grate plate, gasket, etc.

  • What are the difference between DZL and SZL with the same capacity?

    1.Usually for the boiler with capacity lower than 10Ton
    2.Easy for transportation
    3.Lower request on water quality
    4.Low boiler room construction charges
    5.Low requirement on water quality

    1.Usually suitable for bigger capacity boiler
    2.Good water circulation, small water volume
    3.Warm up faster, higher steam quality
    4.Higher request on water quality
    5.Higher thermal efficiency

  • What are the differences between vertical type boiler and horizontal type boiler with the same capacity?

    1.Structure of vertical boiler is compact, occupy a limited area.
    2.Convenient on installation and removal.
    3.Low cost and investment on capital construction. Steam exhausted fast and sufficient.
    1.The combustion space of horizontal is big, fuel can be burned completed.
    2.The thermal efficiency is higher than the vertical boiler,
    3.Horizontal type: less thermal loss, stronger output, and higher steam quality.

  • What are the limitation (size, humidity, chemical element concentrations) of coal fuel/solid fuel/wood fuel?

    Size requirement of coal:6-25mm
    Size requirement of blending coal: <50mm (the coal less than 6mm should less than 30%)
    Diameter of biomass particle: 6~10mm, length: 25~50mm, water content < 15%, ash content < 2%, sulphur content<0.07%, chlorinity <0.07%, nitrogen content < 0.5%

  • What is the size of furnace door and blower hopper?

  • Size of furnace door:
    Standard elliptical furnace door:300*800*1500
    Blower hopper size:
    2 tons conical hopper: 1400*800*1500
    4 tons conical hopper: 2200*1400*1500
  • What is the combustion mode of coal/biomass fired boiler?

    The combustion mode of coal/biomass fired boiler is layer combustion. Place the flue on the fixed or moved grate, to form an evenly fuel bed with a certain thickness, air comes from the bottom of grate, and combustion occurred on the fuel bed.

  • What is the thickness of refractory?

  • The thickness of refractory: 50-60mm
  • What is the installation sequence?

    Boiler- Economizer- Dust collector – ID fan – chimney

  • What are the tube seat at the top of steam boiler?

    Pressure gauge – safety valves (two) – main steam valve – auxiliary valve – water inlet

  • Material of boiler drum / steel plate / tube.

    Boiler drum material: Q245R,carbon steel, executive standard: GB713-2008
    Tube material: 20# seamless steel pipe, carbon steel, executive standard: GB3087-2008
    Still kettle material: Q345R, alloy steel, executive standard: GB713-2008

  • What is the height of chimney?

    The chimney is usually 30m, irrespective of the special circumstances.

  • What are the heat-resistance temperature of grate and furnace?

    The heat resistance temperature of grate is related to the grate material, the highest temperature could be as high as 1100℃, and the lower temperature could be 700℃.

  • What is the temperature of smoke gas?

    The highest temperature of smoke gas is 165℃.

  • How long can the coal/biomass fired boiler works?

    Coal/biomass boilers could work for 10~15 years, under correct operation, high water and coal quality, etc.

  • How to avoid collapse of bricks, and what should be done if it happened?

    When boiler installation finished, drying the boiler according to the manual, it’s very important to avoid collapse of bricks.

  • How many stokers do I need for one boiler?

    Usually 3 person, every 8 hours a shift.

  • Rules for ash removal.

    Clean the ash and leaked coal in ash hopper in definite time. Every shift should open the soot door at the bottom of boiler left for twice, to clean the ash deposition in the wind chamber, make sure there is no blocking.

  • How long it takes for boiler installation and debugging?

    The boiler is easy to install, it could be finished within 2 weeks, we have the professional abroad installation team to help for installation. Moreover, our technicians offer after-sale service every quarter in many countries, like Philipines, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Pakistan.

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